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This free 3 Step French Language Course shows you how to incorporate Frenchness in your every day life!

French Language Learning - Virginie Paradis

Did you know you could converse, that is speak and understand, in French with only 600 words?

Did you know the average French person only uses between 300 and 3000 words?

Master a short list of words and express yourself like the average French person!
French Language Learning - Virginie Paradis



After growing up in France and living abroad (Turin Italy, London UK, and Seattle US) for 14 years, I like to call myself a proud citizen of the world who truly understands the concept of diving into a new culture and language.

I’m thrilled to share my beautiful language, culture, & country with you!

I’m here to enhance your French language learning experience, to bring you fun & efficient French language courses (free videos, online courses, immersion courses), and to give you the opportunity to learn French online at your own pace!

I create & teach all my courses myself based on what I want to find online when I decide to learn a new foreign language or improve one I’m already familiar with.

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TOP 10 French Verbs part 2/2

Last month and today, I’m sharing with you the 10 most popular French verbs, in other words, crucial verbs for you to know absolutely by heart! (You'll also find at the bottom of this blog post, Rebecca's video testimonial...

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The Most Exciting French Village

If you ever hear someone tell you French villages are boring (as opposed to big cities), surely, all it means, is that they haven't come here yet!.. Here??? Mais oui! À Pélussin! Since I moved to Pélussin from Seattle last September 2017, I have shared many many posts...

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Here & Now, French style

Here’s one more French interview with French subtitles for you! This week prepare yourself to go into a deep relaxation mode because I’m interviewing my lovely Qi Gong teacher and sound therapist Sylvain Rodriguez. In...

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Converse in French with Only “600 WORDS”
French Language Course

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Online French Language Course Perfect Pronunciation

Become a little bitin 3 easy steps
Learn how to incorporate frenchness in your every day life with this free 3 step mini course

Become a little bit
in 3 easy steps


Learn how to incorporate frenchness in your every day life with this free 3 step mini course

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